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Part 3 of ... A year like no other


As 2020 moved into its final four months, the world and El Reno continued to struggle with the onslaught of COVID. Families lost loved ones to the disease. The economy was still being battered as election season arrived on both the local and national stage. And still, life continued to move forward, often with stories of hope, sharing and love.


Corliss Collins received word the man convicted of killing her elderly grandfather in 1985 had been released from prison.

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Retailer blesses local charity with $50,000


Early November was a hectic time in El Reno. A late October ice storm had left thousands without power and tree limbs were everywhere. Children were home because there was no power and COVID continued to play havoc with schedules.

Although Donna Dyer’s home had no power and her grandchildren were with her that day, she was able to make a scheduled video conference call over her cell phone.

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Updated weather warnings


Commissioners finalized an agreement between Canadian County Emergency Management and OK-First.

The deal means the Oklahoma Climatological Survey will give the county the latest and most accurate updates for all weather, including potentially dangerous storms. 

The measure was easily approved.

District 3 Commissioner Jack Stewart said he was happy that access to the data comes free of charge.

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Part 2 of ... A year like no other


As the calendar turned to May, the mood remained somber. Politicians and citizens argued over the need for masks to protect against the spread of COVID, while long-held traditions were put on hold as gathering in public was off limits.

In El Reno, that meant no Burger Day and for a while, it looked like no high school graduation. And yet, some still found reason to celebrate, although with dire economic times, those moments were far fewer than normal.


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Century full of memories


Family and the city of Yukon are celebrating the birthday of Maxine Hubbs Brockhaus. Brockhaus turned 100 years of age Dec. 27.

She was scheduled to receive a commemorative plaque from city hall.

Brockhaus was born in El Reno Dec. 27, 1920. She graduated high school there in 1939, and shortly after married Lawrence Brockhaus of Yukon. They continued living in El Reno until the 1960s.

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Driver pleads guilty to causing deadly Banner Road wreck


A judge is expected to sentence a semi-truck driver to at least 10 years in prison after the defendant pleaded guilty in court for causing a crash that killed a Yukon businessman.

Wynnewood’s Donald Garrett Biffle, 27, has waived his right to a jury trial in Canadian County District Court. The defendant faces felony charges of second-degree murder, unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Two arrested on drug complaints


A little before 1 p.m. on Dec. 22, El Reno police officers were sent to 208 N. Macomb in regards to a structure fire.

While arriving on scene, an officer observed two men fleeing the area. One man was detained and identified as Terrence E. Rednose, 36, of El Reno. Rednose was ultimately arrested on complaints of possession of marijuana and possession of methamphetamine. The second individual, identified as Jonathan W. Dyer, 40, of El Reno, allegedly tried to evade the officers.

Public Records - January 2



Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC  vs. Ashley N. Wilson for $1,435.51 to pay a debt plus interest, costs and attorney fees.

Cornerstone Bank vs. Jonathan A. Garcia for $8,137.61 to pay a debt plus interest, costs and attorney fees.

Sterling Jewelers Inc. vs. David White for $1,734.10 to pay a debt plus interest, costs and attorney fees.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Rafael Vargas for $2,369.34 to pay a debt plus interest, costs and attorney fees.