Juvenile director removed


Associate District Judge Bob Hughey has fired Daniel Kern as the director of the Gary E. Miller Children’s Justice Center.

Hughey acted after an investigation of complaints of sexual harassment against Kern. Hughey did not state the exact reason for the firing.

“Every employment decision I make is done in what I believe to be the best interest of the Children’s Justice Center,” he said.

Kern said he was still processing the firing and that he would make a statement later.

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Safety urged as El Reno continues its growth spurt


Mayor Matt White and School Superintendent Craig McVay hosted an information-packed El Reno Now gathering last week at the Public Safety Center off SW 27th St.

But of all the facts and figures tossed out, McVay made the point that student safety is the number one priority for the district. He cautioned drivers to be extra cautious when approaching school zones.

“Crosswalks are a major concern for us,” McVay said. “Getting children to and from school safely is our number one priority.”