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In the Super Tuesday spotlight


Marty Hall said he got a call from the producers of Fox and Friends asking if they could report live from Sid’s Diner on Tuesday morning.

Hall said he asked why they chose the diner he founded and has operated for years with his family in downtown El Reno.

“They said they had researched us and believed Sid’s represented Oklahoma,” Hall said.

Good enough.

On Super Tuesday, a Fox reporter made himself at home inside the cozy diner at Choctaw and Wade.

Wastewater records tampering alleged, charges expected


Two weeks ago, the city of El Reno received a tip that an employee of the firm it uses to operate the town’s water and wastewater systems was falsifying records related to wastewater.

Mayor and Acting City Manager Matt White said the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality was notified and DEQ started an investigation. Later, investigators from the Environmental Protection Agency got involved and on Tuesday, White said charges are expected to be filed against the unnamed employee of Veolia Water Technology.

Public Records - March 1



Andrea Nicole Gee vs. Jason Riley Gee.

Hannah Marie Weldon vs. Brandon Lawrence Weldon.

Ronald D. Wright vs. Cember D. McCurry.

John Girten vs. Amanda Bowers.

Annalisa Rose Wilder vs. Jessie Earnest Lee Wilder.

Deborah Janelle Huddleston vs. Alonzo Clark Huddleston.

Tara Lynn Fromm vs. Robert John Fromm II.

Thomas Bradley Hayes vs. Bailey Raquel Hayes.

Vicki Phelps vs. Ronald Phelps.

Janet Adams vs. Clay Adams.

Tori N. Davis vs. Michael E. Conner III.