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COVID-19 cases spike again


As temperatures begin to cool and people spend more time in confined spaces, the number of new novel coronavirus cases are spiking – just as health-care professionals feared.

“That is what we are observing. Our trend line in the county was ticking down but now it’s starting back up. We had hit a plateau in October but then we had events like Halloween and people started loosening up their guard.

Kolar gets life sentence


Adam Kolar was sentenced to life in prison for allowing his 3-year-old son to die in a locked pickup truck on an August day in 2018.

Canadian County District Judge Paul Hesse handed down the sentence Tuesday afternoon. Hesse accepted a plea agreement between the district attorney and Kolar in which the former Federal Correctional officer will have all but the first 15 years of the life sentence suspended.

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Who should expect to get vaccine first in state?


With announcements earlier this month that two pharmaceutical giants have developed effective COVID-19 vaccines, Oklahoma and other states across the nation are ramping up plans to distribute millions of doses of the potentially lifesaving vaccine in the coming months. 

Like much of the rest of the country, Oklahoma is seeing the virus spread faster than ever as cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to topple records. 

Christian school remains barred from state program


The State Board of Education has shelved the request of a Christian school to participate in a program for children with special needs and instead requested an official opinion from the state attorney general.

The board voted to ask the attorney general if an Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) regulation — which requires schools to adopt certain policies regarding sexual orientation as a condition of participation in the Lindsey Nicole Henry (LNH) Scholarships for Students with Disabilities program — is legal.

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Hikers should be careful during deer hunting season


For many nature-lovers, hiking through the woods on a crisp fall day is a great opportunity for exercise and fresh air. However, this time of year also is a favorite of deer hunters. With rifle season opening Nov. 21, both hikers and hunters must use caution.

Emily Long, Payne County game warden, said hunting activity is at its peak during the weekends. She urges bright colors and careful scheduling.

Public Records - November 28



LVNV Funding LLC vs. Ashley Wilson for $1,410.58 to pay a debt plus interest, costs and attorney fees.

Unifund CCR LLC vs. Jaxon L. Brinsfield for $1,261.91 to pay a debt plus interest, costs and attorney fees.

Midland Funding LLC vs. Tamie Hollis for $6,044.12 to pay a debt plus interest, costs and attorney fees.

DASK1 LLC vs. Nicholas Wafer for $4,614.66 to pay a debt plus interest, costs and attorney fees.

Cavalry SPV I LLC vs. Matthew Mande for $3,686.58 to pay a debt plus interest, costs and attorney fees.

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ER coach dies in 81 car wreck


An El Reno schoolteacher and football coach was killed Monday evening in a vehicle accident.

Jacob Randall Briggs, 24, died in the accident that happened on S.H. 81, south of I-40.

“This is the worst thing to have to deal with. This is crushing to get that phone call and then get confirmation the next morning from the authorities. It’s devastating on our first responders because a lot of them knew Jake.

“This is tough on our faculty and tough on our young kids,” said El Reno Superintendent Craig McVay.

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McVay vows to try vaccine for COVID-19


When a COVID-19 vaccine is made available, El Reno School Superintendent Craig McVay said he will be the first in line to take it.

McVay joined El Reno Mayor Matt White for El Reno Live, the weekly program that runs on Thursday at 3 p.m. on Facebook Live.

The 30-minute show allows residents to submit questions to White and city staff on any number of topics, as well as providing updates on city happenings.

McVay had been trying to join White for several weeks on El Reno Live, but the pandemic has played havoc with school as parents and guardians well know.

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Main Street’s Christmas Experience set for Dec. 5


El Reno Main Street will present the Christmas Experience on Saturday, Dec. 5 in downtown El Reno.

The event will feature the annual Christmas Parade followed by shopping at local stores. Some 20 vendors are scheduled to be on hand as part of the Junk Hippie Tour and live window displays will be presented by Power Dance Company.

Young dancers from Dance Etiquette are scheduled to perform and the Joytones from First Baptist Church are also planned to perform.