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A good run


While not running on all cylinders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers could not have been more pleased with the outcome of the 22nd annual A Small Town Weekend.

“Considering the situation with the coronavirus, I think it was as good as it could possibly have been,” said El Reno Cruisers President Allen Conner.

The event schedule was trimmed, but crowds still turned out, said Conner.

The popular Route 66 Burnout as well as the Hot Wheels races and the drag races were not held this year.

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All in the family


While the El Reno High School graduation of 2020 was more than memorable for a number of reasons, another fact will be included in the pages of EHS history.

EHS English instructor Brian Rukes and his students spent more than a year researching the 44 men who died as a result of service in World War II who had attended El Reno public schools. The rededication of Memorial Field in October 2019 in honor of these fallen patriots captured attention far and wide.

It also led to a number of other areas where these men could be honored.

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Fairly soon


Canadian County officials said they expect to begin seeing foundation work at the site of the new fairgrounds complex later this month.

District 2 County Commissioner David Anderson said the state fire marshal has signed off on the county’s fire safety plan. And the county’s building permit has been issued.

The permit had to be issued by the state fire marshal’s office because the site is in an unincorporated part of the county, just east of El Reno.

Absentee ballots deadline nears


Voters in Canadian County who want to have absentee ballots mailed to them for the June 30 primary election as well as elections for City of Piedmont Ward 3, City of Piedmont Ward 5, Banner School Board, Riverside School Board, Okarche School Board, Geary School Board and Caddo-Kiowa Tech Center Board Member should apply now, said Canadian County Election Board Secretary Wanda Armold.

Although the county election board can accept applications for absentee ballots until 5 p.m. Tuesday, June 23, Armold said voters who want to vote by absentee ballot should apply early.

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Lawmakers exempt themselves from budget cuts


As lawmakers faced a $1.3 billion shortfall this year, a wide range of cuts were discussed, along with various fee and tax increases. But one thing was never aggressively pursued as a cost-saving measure, at least publicly: forgoing a 35 percent increase in legislative pay set to take effect in November.

In 2019, the Legislative Compensation Board voted to boost legislators annual pay from $35,021 to $47,500, effective November 2020. The total cost of the pay raise is more than $1.8 million for all 149 lawmakers — $1.2 million in the House and just under $600,000 in the Senate.

Public Records - June 10



Flagstar Bank vs. Kelli Dewitt and Dennis Dewitt for $208,822.10 to pay a debt plus interest, costs and attorney fees and foreclosure of a mortgage on Lot 18, Block 16, Brookstone Lakes West Phase 4 Addition, Oklahoma City.

U.S. Bank N.A. vs. Gary Don Willhite for $148,496.20 to pay a debt plus interest, costs and attorney fees and foreclosure of a mortgage on Lot 21, Block 6, Woodrun Addition, Oklahoma City.

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New airport manager brings experience, connections to job


Adam Fox was 7 years old when his father paid for him to fly an airplane. The family was on vacation in south Florida.

The elder Fox, an Alabama boiler-maker who traveled the world for business, often taking his family along, sat the youngster on his lap and let him think he was flying.

“The plane was actually on auto pilot, but I thought I was flying it,” said Fox. After the flight, Fox remembers his father telling him he should become a commercial airline pilot. “He said all they do is put the plane on auto pilot and then go back and flirt with the stewardesses.”

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Message from BLM rally touches family


The death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer has reopened the eyes of America to the racial injustices which still exist in the United States.

It also opened the eyes of El Reno High School junior Ashlyn Evans-Thompson.

“I do feel shielded some here in El Reno but just seeing everything that happened makes you want to say something and do something about it. That’s sad that this is still going on and I hope people will stop and realize what is happening,” said Evans-Thompson.

ER Regional Airport among most used in state


El Reno Regional Airport and Industrial Park is among the most used airports in the state of Oklahoma. Not bad considering there are 108 registered in the Oklahoma Airport System Plan.

Adam Fox credits the city of El Reno, the Airpark Authority and those airport managers who came before him for pushing the development of the historic regional airport.

Originally known as Mustang Field, the 698-acre airport in southwest El Reno was used to train young pilots for service during World War II. Ownership was later transferred to the city of El Reno.