Words Have Power at Roblyer

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Words Have Power at Roblyer

Thu, 08/13/2020 - 11:34
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Principal Column
Dr. Twylla Hester
Principal - Roblyer Learning Center

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Dr. Twylla Hester

I am so excited to be joining the El Reno family and am looking forward to the upcoming school year. This will be my 19th year in public education and the 10th in administration.

The Roblyer staff has already made me feel so welcome. I am excited to get to know the students who make this place great!

Though we are experiencing unique challenges in our world today, we know that a positive outlook makes a world of difference.

Our theme this year is “Words Have Power.” As our students return to school in-person or virtually, we know that a variety of emotions will be in play.

We look forward to coming alongside our families once again to help our students navigate all of the craziness that the past few months have brought to our lives.

The staff at Roblyer is dedicated to helping each student and colleague learn to use their voice to positively impact their own lives and the lives of those around them.

We have been working tirelessly to fine-tune our return-to-learn plan so that we can safely educate our students.

Because of this we have made some changes to our schedule. We have added two more lunchtimes to allow for social distancing and will be holding morning assemblies virtually. We have also changed our schedule to allow for fewer class changes each day.

We hope this will allow for decreased opportunities for transmission of germs.

As the CDC guidelines change regularly, our plan may adjust to meet updated recommendations. We appreciate the community’s patience as we work together to safely educate our students.

In addition to the changes in the schedule, our teachers have been increasing their teaching skills this summer using technology so that we can serve our students in-person, through distance learning or through virtual learning.

We hope to model lifelong learning in any location so that our students can learn to do so as well. Our lessons will be engaging and focused as we take care of the whole child. We know that the social, emotional, physical and academic areas of learning and well-being are important.

We will work to address each area throughout the year.

We added a few new staff members to our wonderful Roblyer family.

Please be sure to welcome them if you see them around town.

Rhonda Brown will be joining the fifth-grade team. Ashli Robinson, Angela Lesperance and Kimberly Myers will be joining the sixth-grade team.

Jeffrey Johnson is our new assistant band director for the district and will also teach band at Roblyer. Misty Sweat is a new teacher in our special education department this year along with Tasha Ludlow joining the department as a paraprofessional.

Our new staff along with our returning staff cannot wait to get the school year started so we can continue investing in our students’ lives.

COVID-19 Safety Measures for Roblyer Learning Center
Grades 5-6

▶ Masks will be required for all people in the building.
▶ Parents should check for temperatures and symptoms prior to arriving at school.
▶ Teachers will be in their rooms at 7:40 a.m. to begin receiving students.
▶ Students arriving early may wait in the cafeteria with allowable social distancing.
▶ Morning assembly will be conducted virtually through Google Slides and multimedia options in classrooms.

▶ The cafeteria will have stations where bus riders and car riders/walkers enter.
▶ Breakfast will be provided through grab-and-go methods to be eaten in the classrooms.

▶ Students will be socially distanced in class facing the same direction as much as allowed by the size of the classroom.
▶ Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom for students to sanitize their hands before, during and after class.
▶ Sanitizing wipes will be available to sanitize Chromebooks and desks as allowable.
▶ Continued emphasis on hygiene, hand-washing and keeping hands out of the facial area will be in place throughout all rooms.
▶ Temperature checks will be conducted during the day.

▶ Class transitions will be staggered to limit interaction in the hallways as much as possible.
▶ Fifth-grade teams will take turns crossing the hall and may rotate classes less frequently.
▶ Sixth-grade teams alternate rotating times. Classes going to electives will leave before other classes rotate.
▶ Teachers may rotate where possible in place of rotating groups of students. Recognizing the need of students to move, this may not always be the best option.
▶ Restroom breaks will be conducted by teacher to eliminate large group gatherings.

▶ Lunch periods will be increased to four separate lunches to allow for greater social distancing in the cafeteria. Student seating will face a single direction.

▶ Recess will be backed up to lunch to allow for groups to rotate between each. While one group of fifth grade is at lunch, the remainder will be at recess. Sixth grade will do the same with WIN Time.

▶ PE, band and choir classes will be conducted as normal taking necessary modifications for hygiene, social distancing (to the extent possible), and other health options.
▶ In some cases, teachers may creatively bring the elective to the classroom in place of rotating groups of students.
▶ The librarian, counselor and ELL teachers may travel to classrooms as well.

▶ District radios will be used to coordinate the arrival of buses. This will allow for students to remain in their classroom until their bus arrives, reducing large gatherings.
▶ Car riders may wait in their classroom until a parent has arrived. Students will be announced to be dismissed to the car lane.