El Reno High School

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Indians FB to host Clinton, Ike on Friday


Football will have a very vanilla feel for El Reno High School come Friday night as the Indians host a triangular scrimmage with both Clinton and Lawton Eisenhower.

The event was originally set for just Clinton and will serve as the Indians only preseason work.

El Reno opens the 2019 season Aug. 30 with a home game against Poteau.

“I’m just looking for effort and people running to the football. We are not going to scheme either team, just go out there and run our plays,” said El Reno head coach Chuck Atchison.

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From the sidelines: Beard proves with a simple act her school spirit carries on past high school playing days


School pride, some graduates say, is lost once a student leaves the hallowed halls of high school and enters college or the real world.

If that is a true statement, someone forgot to ask Massey Beard.

The 2018 graduate of El Reno High School begins her second year at Southern Nazarene University and her first term in the nursing program after a year of medical-related basic courses.