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Municipal government scores well says audit


El Reno’s municipal government earned one of its best scores for fiscal soundness, a recent audit shows.

And residents need to put on their thinking caps as the city council agreed to host ward meetings in a run up to a possible capital improvements bond issue. Those were two of the topics discussed during last week’s regular council meeting.

Crawford and Associates, the firm hired to audit the city, reported El Reno scored an 8.4 out of a possible 10 for its financial stability.

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Threats reported after wrestling story airs


El Reno School Superintendent Craig McVay said he has received threats for allowing two high school students to continue wrestling after they reportedly accepted a plea deal following their involvement in the assault of a junior high student.

The incident that apparently sparked the threats took place May 10, 2019.

McVay said the threats were made by voice mail and by email.

“I’m not sure if it was a death threat, it was a voice mail on my office phone. When I answered it there was one voice that said, ‘Hey McVay, kick those rapists off the team now or else.’