El Reno Tribune reader Karen Snowden read our first installment and had a few questions.

The Tribune forwarded the questions to El Reno Public Schools Superintendent Craig McVay for answers.

Snowden was involved in wrestling and cheer booster clubs for close to a decade.

Question 1

With the school controlling parent money, do they have the ability to not approve a P.O.?

McVay answer: Sponsors approve all requests. If Shannon Ward verifies that money is available and the request isn’t for something illegal, it is approved. But technically it might could not be approved.

I have turned down requests to spend funds out of activity funds. I have said no to Hooters, Twin Peaks and a wine-tasting event at the Canadian County Fairgrounds.

Question 2

Will programs get less funding when they see how much the boosters raise?

McVay answer: I don’t know any reason they would get less, do you?

Question 3

Will P.O.’s be approved same day or is an officer going to be out the money for a week or longer waiting for reimbursement?

McVay answer: P.O.’s are reimbursed and checks are written every business day. The business office is open year-round.

Editor’s Note: If you have any questions, forward them to us and we’ll work to get them answered.