El Reno is No. 1.

MSN listed the top suburbs in each state and in Oklahoma, El Reno was listed in first place in the Oklahoma City area, with Claremore judged best in the Tulsa area.

“At $139,380, El Reno has the third lowest median home price compared to all the other top suburbs on the GoBankingRates list,” the narrative on El Reno said.

The piece went on to say El Reno had the second lowest rent prices of the top suburban communities. The article carried a nice photo of JKM in downtown El Reno.

Developers are in the process of adding close to 200 more new homes in El Reno. And more are expected.

Looks like El Reno’s secret is getting out.

Interesting, also, is news that a Wallethub study found five of the top 10 cities in the nation with the best real estate markets are in Texas. If you look at the top 15 real estate markets in the U.S., according to the study, seven of them are in the Lone Star state.

Didn’t find any in Oklahoma.

So what’s Texas have that Oklahoma doesn't?


Bea Carroll called the other day saying she had run across something I had written in 2012 about how our government was working to erode our religious freedoms. Our conversation came to mind a few days later when I had the opportunity to meet a really nice couple from Canada and their young son.

Originally from Africa, the man and wife described themselves as Christian and conservative, something that apparently doesn’t play well in the province of Ontario.

Their young son is in the fifth grade and they are seriously concerned by some of the ideas he is being taught in his school. Ideas that include it’s OK for him to have anal sex.

Whoa, Canada!!

Sorry, but this is the kind of stuff many children are being subjected to in our culture today.

Does this really belong in a fifth-grade classroom? Does it belong in any classroom? Apparently some believe so.

I’m not going to print their names because, as the couple explained, if they protest or complain about what’s being taught to their child in school, even a private school, they could receive a visit from the Canadian Human Rights Commission or the Human Rights Tribunal.

They said the government could deem them unfit to be parents because of their “narrow and hateful views” and their child could be forcibly taken from them.

Is this nuts? Or am I and others who think this is wrong just a bunch of haters?