To the Editor:

The rezoning of property one block northwest of Sunset and Foreman will allow three oil wells to be drilled on these 15 acres.

I would like to advise homeowners of the noise pollution, decline in property value, water runoff pollution and constant traffic that is coming to the area.

Others and I purchased homes in this area of El Reno because it offered a country-style living but still close to city amenities. I certainly wasn’t expecting an oil well to be drilled literally in our backyard.

We are all concerned about future contamination of the property around us. We all know that once an oil company owns and takes control of a property, they seldom maintain it.

I would like to ask the city council and municipal planning commission if they would want this in their neighborhood? If not, why would you allow it to disrupt life in our area and so close to other residential areas and one block of historic Route 66.

This letter is intended to inform the community because an oil well may be coming to your neighborhood next.

We need strict regulations on the oil companies and this needs to start now. The city has some regulations, but what is to stop drilling from taking place in our city parks?

This should be addressed no differently than any other business. The city requires landscaping, fencing and maintaining of property.

It takes about 30 days to drill a well and there will be three of them at this location.

It takes another week to frac each well, this could very well be a four- to five-month job. That will be several months of constant noise and traffic coming and going every hour of the day and night.

The jake brakes will be heard up and down Sunset.

This needs to stop, now.

Tom Curtis