Redlands Community College is moving forward with a plan to update the exterior of the main administration building.

The front of the building and the surrounding area will be modernized with new landscaping, new sidewalks and signage, and two entry canopies to provide shade and better identify the college’s entry points. An existing plant bed near the entrance will be replanted with new grass, along with the word REDLANDS spelled out by large free-standing letters.

A structure similar to the canopies is also planned outside the gymnasium, allowing for the placement of a logo and acting as an icon.

A campus-wide update planned for a later phase involves the trim around each of the buildings as well as the fascia and building names underneath.

Each of these elements will be updated in an effort to make the campus look brighter and more appealing.

Jena Marr, executive vice president of Campus Administration and Finance, said exterior changes of this degree haven't been implemented at the campus since the 1970s.

“The project will bring a much-needed modern look to the front entrance and main administration building on the main campus," said Marr.

Marr said the idea for the project came in May of last year, with architectural renderings beginning two months later. Phase 1 of the project, which focuses chiefly on the Ray Porter Administration Building, was approved at the Board of Regents meeting in June.

Contractors are being asked to bid on each portion of the project separately. Those bids are due back to Mass Architects by Aug. 8. A few days later, the contractor is expected to be chosen at a board meeting.

Marr said the tentative renderings of the project convey the general idea of the changes, but they will not be finalized until after the bids are received.

Redlands will decide on the order of priorities based on the available project budget, which is set at $500,000 for this fiscal year. The money comes from state allocated funds and college reserve funds.

Marr said Phase 1 is expected to commence sometime this September, and it is hoped to be completed by summer 2020. She said the campus-wide updates of Phase 2 will hopefully be approved sometime next year.

“Redlands Community College is very excited about this project,” she said.

“We hope to bring a more modern update to our campus for the students and community that we serve. We are doing great things at Redlands, and the future looks bright.”