Construction has stalled for the Ridgeview Heights senior duplexes, east of Country Club Apartments. A new road is required before the city can renew the construction permit.

Construction of an El Reno senior housing complex made up of duplexes has met with setbacks in recent months.

The Ridgeview Heights Duplexes, located east of the Country Club Apartments, have been under construction for over a year. However, the construction has come to a halt over permit issues.

According to Assistant City Manager Matt Sandidge, the developer of the property, Missouri-based Gardner Capital Development, had a one-year permit to build the duplexes. A new gravel road was added for construction workers, but it was only temporary.

The construction was approved with the stipulation that a new, permanent road would be built. That road has not been built.

Sandidge said the permanent road must be built before the city will renew the construction permit.

“The road needs to be finished up before the city can renew the permit,” said Sandidge.

The road must be completed so that fire trucks and other emergency vehicles will be able to travel through the area. As it is now, the road is gravel and dirt.

Sandidge said there is a good amount of wood in the area that could catch fire. He said safety for the construction team and the residents of the nearby apartment complex as well as homes in the area make the permanent road vital.

“There needs to be a surface to traverse if anything catches on fire. If anything catches fire, it would be a total loss," Sandidge said. "We need good access to these developments.”

Sandidge said the heavy rain has held up several city projects. It may also be a factor in the road delay.

When completed, Ridgeview Heights will be made up of 24 single-story buildings with 48 total units of duplexes.