Pictured is a camera overlooking the west walkway leading to the El Reno wrestling room.

Surveillance video of an alleged sexual assault of a junior high student at the El Reno High School wrestling building has been turned over to authorities.

El Reno Police Chief Ken Brown confirmed his department was in possession of a video from the wrestling room.

The alleged incident was reported to police and school officials on May 10, the day it reportedly took place. The wrestling building is the former YMCA building at 2200 Babcock Drive.

Brown said the video will not be made public and that the parties involved are all juveniles.

Police reports said three officers went to the student's home at 4:07 p.m. on May 10 to take the complaint. Two unidentified high school students were the focus of the complaint.

According to the father of the junior high student, El Reno Public Schools was notified of the incident sometime after the report was filed with the police.

Superintendent Craig McVay said he was notified by EHS Principal Pat Liticker the night of the incident and that school officials met with the parents the following Monday. That is when the district also began an internal investigation.

The parents of the Etta Dale Junior High student said they were advised by “counsel” to make no further comment.

“We want to tell our side of the story but we have been advised not to make any more comments,” said the father.

School officials said they were not aware video equipment was working at the former YMCA building.

“When we traded the old YMCA property with the city, we removed all our video equipment and took them offline so that they would not show up on our central monitoring.

“When we got the YMCA back, I was under the impression there was no camera system out there and that it had been removed,” said McVay.

McVay said district officials went to the building to check for cameras and found a system active.

“There was a video system out there. It was not linked to the district but to a DVD player and that player had saved the incident. We called the parents of the students and told them we had turned over the video to the police,” said McVay.

McVay said he had viewed the video along with Liticker and head wrestling coach Tyrone Lewis. He said members of the district’s appeal/suspension committee had also seen the video – bringing the total to eight.

McVay said a copy of the video was made and saved into the district’s storage system.

McVay said the district learned there are six cameras at the wrestling building but only one caught the incident.

The majority of El Reno’s school buildings are monitored by a system which feeds video directly into the office of Wes Brower, director of operations and maintenance.

However, the wrestling building is not currently on the system.

“It’s (building) not back online. It’s an older system and it will have to be upgraded,” said McVay.

McVay said other district buildings not on the current system are the agriculture farm, central office and baseball and softball complexes. Cameras for the central office have been ordered but not installed.

The incident in question took place when wrestlers in seventh hour were left unattended at the wrestling building after an assistant coach failed to show up for his assigned duties.

Lewis was out of town that day on an approved absence but had made arrangements for the class to be covered.

McVay said the district’s door locking system, which can only be accessed from the outside with a key fob, showed the wrestling building doors were locked during the class period and were not opened by a fob.

“I know the fob system shows no one entered the building during that time. The students forced the doors open somehow,” said McVay.