Information has been presented to the district attorney for possible charges after a woman associated with the El Reno High School wrestling program allegedly sent text messages described as “harassment” to a 15-year-old member of the team.

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West provided reports related to the incident. He redacted the name of the juvenile in the report.

The report said Jill Good, the wife of EHS wrestling coach Tyrone Lewis, sent the text messages to the boy at 2:20 a.m. June 20.

The boy’s mother reportedly discovered the text messages and went to the sheriff’s office with her concerns.

In the report, Good said she followed Lewis to the woman’s home and stayed outside for about 10 minutes. She told the teen in text messages to see who his mother is with, the report said. The boy replied, “Quit texting me. period point blank.”

There were several other exchanges in the text conversation between the woman and the boy.

The ordeal was detailed extensively on social media.

School Superintendent Craig McVay said he could not comment at this time. He said there would be a comment after July 22 when he meets with “all parties involved.”

The report said Deputy Brian Dawson contacted Good and she admitted to sending “three or four” messages. She claimed the boy’s mother has threatened her. The deputy asked if she had filed a complaint over the alleged threats. She stated, “No, I can, though.”

Good reportedly asked the deputy if she had broken any laws. When told he believed she had, the report said the conversation ended.

The report went on to say Good met with the deputy the following day and presented her side of the story.

The report said both women have threatened one another, as well as family members.

The deputy advised both women not to contact one another.