El Reno Superintendent Craig McVay makes a point during Monday night’s school board meeting. McVay read Jill Good’s written appeal of her ban to the board. Good did not attend the meeting.

After moving an agenda item and spending an hour in executive session, the El Reno School Board voted to ban an individual from the premises of El Reno Public Schools.

Superintendent Craig McVay made the decision to ban Jill Good, the significant other of El Reno wrestling coach Tyrone Lewis. Good is also a former assistant to the coach. She was banned after she allegedly texted a student in the early morning hours, chastising his mother for her alleged involvement with Lewis.

The board voted unanimously to ban Good after McVay said her presence was “a threat to the peaceful conduct of school business.” Good was not present at the meeting, but she did request an appeal, which was presented by McVay.

In her appeal, Good alleged threats have been made by Latosha Richey against her and her family.

Board member Brad Baker made the motion to support the ban and the other board members agreed. Good will be banned from school property for at least six months.

The issue started in June when Good allegedly sent text messages to a teenage member of the wrestling program. She told the teen through texts that the coach, Lewis, was at the child’s house, implying that something was going on between his mother and the coach.

Good continued to send messages after the student requested she stop.

Richey contacted authorities and attempted to obtain a victims protection order on Good, but the request was denied by a judge. Richey also questioned why Good was at wrestling practice around the time period when she believed Good was no longer employed by the school.

Good was contacted by the sheriff’s office and after initially telling authorities to speak to her lawyer, met with Canadian County sheriff’ deputies to tell her side of the story. She reportedly told lawmen Richey had been threatening her as well as family members, a claim apparently supported by text messages and Facebook Messenger conversations that were part of her appeal to the school board.

McVay said an investigation is currently under way as to the conduct of both women.

“The decision was made after we checked the validity of the incidents,” said McVay. “We needed to verify that it happened, and then I had to make a decision, because it was an adult harassing a student.”

McVay said the board decided to move the agenda item involving Good to later in the evening so representatives from Student Council and the El Reno Education Association didn’t have to stay late.

The board stayed in closed executive session for an hour before returning to open meeting. In open meeting, the board voted to accept several resignations as well as hire new employees. The vote to support the ban of Good was made quickly with no discussion.