The streets of El Reno could see some improvements if contractors submit proposals that are acceptable to the city council and if the budget can handle the expenditures.

Council looked over a road improvement wish list at the regular November meeting. The list included more than two dozen projects scattered around town.

City staff is working to see if the estimates of what the work would cost are in line with funds available.

Whether some or all of the projects are undertaken will depend on bids submitted by contractors once the projects are advertised.

Assistant City Manager Matt Sandidge said if funds are available, the projects could be advertised with bids expected to be submitted within 20 days after.

The proposed projects include “chip and seal” for portions of the following streets:

West Memorial Road

North Country Club

North Alfadale Road

West Elm Street

East Elm Street

OKC 10th from 81 to Choctaw

OKC 10th from 81 to one-half mile east

Choctaw from OKC 10th to Reno

Jensen Road (Alfadale-Radio Road)

Portions of the following roads are to be milled, stabilized and overlaid:

Britton Road (Alfadale-Radio)

Foreman (Alfadale-Radio)

Choctaw (I-40-Jensen)

27th Street (Choctaw-66)

The following streets are scheduled for overlay:

Country Club I-40 to Jensen

Country Club Elm to Sunset

Bickford Watts to Jenkins

Cooney Rock Island to Evans

Jenkins Rock Island to Evans

Choctaw Watts to Jenkins

Cavanaugh Mitchell to Shepard

Miles 27th to 23rd

Babcock Elm to Indian Trails

Country Club Sunset to Foreman

Hoff Woodson to Penn

Macomb Rogers to Foreman

Riley Shepard to Foreman

Riley Foreman to Foster

Foster Riley to Foreman