Another new business has opened in El Reno, serving the community with snacks, groceries and pizza.

Casey’s General Store opened at 1001 S. Country Club.

The company has more than 2,000 locations across the nation and officials said the company jumped at the chance to build another one in El Reno.

Casey’s was founded in Iowa in 1967. It started out as a family-owned store. A man named Donald Lamberti leased a store from his father in Des Moines before purchasing another store in Boone, renaming it Casey’s after his friend and gas supplier, K.C. Fish.

Jewelya Boyd, an assistant manager at Casey's here, said the store will eventually become very involved with the El Reno community through charities and events. One such program used by other Casey’s stores includes pizza party reading events at schools. Each Casey's store is said to work to make a difference in its community.

“There’s a difference brought to every community with a Casey’s,” Boyd said.

She said the company has a focus on small towns, both with contributing to development and offering competitive pricing.

Boyd, originally from Oklahoma City, has worked for the company for three years, her last job being at a store in Arkansas. With the opening of the El Reno store, she was given the opportunity to move back to Oklahoma in March. She says that the company is a great employer.

“They treat their employees amazingly. They’re all about letting employees put their families first. It’s an amazing company to work for.”

In addition to gas and typical convenience store items, Casey’s General Store sells a few frozen items as well as freshly cooked food.

Their menu includes pizza, burgers, chicken tenders and fries, and a variety of doughnuts, cookies and pastries.

The store makes specialty pizzas every month, with a philly cheesesteak pizza available in June and a chicken quesadilla pizza in July.

The Casey’s brand is the fifth largest chain of pizza kitchens in the country. They rank 62nd in food service sales, and they rank fifth in national food service growth.

The store currently has about 20 employees, and they are still hiring. Hours of operation are 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day, with the kitchen closing at 10:30 p.m. Three more locations are set to open in Oklahoma City within the next six months.

For information on partnering with Casey's for community charities, fundraisers and events, visit its website at and click on Charitable Giving or Fundraisers.