OK, kids, summer is over.

El Reno Public Schools will resume classes on Aug. 15, and members of the administration say they are confident it will be a successful year for education.

According to Superintendent Craig McVay, there aren’t many big changes to the tried and true formula ERPS has employed over the past several years.

However, growth is happening and it’s expected to continue. Around 3,000 students are enrolled in El Reno Public Schools for the 2019-2020 school year. McVay said the enrollment has steadily been climbing, and he cites a number of reasons.

“The workforce brings lots of people into El Reno, people from around the country,” he said.

“Housing availability is a factor as well, as is the progressive state of what the administration is doing. Parents feel comfortable about putting kids in our schools.”

McVay said he is particularly proud of the district’s curriculum, which is increasingly moving toward digital media. This year, every student will get the opportunity to use an iPad or a Chromebook for educational purposes.

“A lot of the curriculum is digital. It’s not the same, ‘sit down at your desk and turn the page when I tell you.’ We have faculty who are really in-tune about teaching kids where they are,” McVay said.

McVay said another point in the district’s favor is its involvement with STEM programs, equipping students with the technological skills needed in today's world.

McVay said partnerships with Canadian Valley Technology Center, Redlands Community College, BlueSTEM USDA and other entities will continue.

McVay also wants to remind motorists to be extra alert now that children will be coming and going from school sites. He said high-traffic areas like Rock Island and roads near the schools will be monitored by law enforcement.

“We ask for everyone to pay attention around our schools, especially around early elementary schools where kids are dropped off and picked up,” said McVay.