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It’s well known that Brian Rukes, the man behind the RemembER the 44 project, is a teacher at El Reno High School.


Earlier this year, El Reno’s fire marshal told the owners of the Heritage Park Apartments, 405 W. Watts, the elevator inside the building had to be repaired. It was not working.

Sometimes a parent will die before their child is born. The child has no memory of the parent because they never met, and it can be hard for the child to determine what type of person their mother or father was.


Soldiers guard the entrance to the hideout. Inside is their leader, confidently trusting them to do their jobs.

El Reno Mayor Matt White will remain on the Nov. 12 ballot after the Canadian County Election Board denied a protest from a fellow candidate who claimed White has committed “unfair campaign practices.”


A group of students from El Reno High School took a field trip over the summer. The outing was to Europe.

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